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About Daisy

Yoga has been a part of my life for as long
as I can remember. My mother is a Yoga
teacher (and my Guru) and has directed
me in the way of yoga since I was a young
child, not only as a physical practice but as
a spiritual belief system that has moulded me
into the person I am today.
Feeling a deep connection to other beings
and my environment, my practice and
teaching style revolves around cultivating
a strong sense of love and acceptance for
ourselves and for all living things.

Having studied a number of different
disciplines from Sivananda, Bikram, Hatha,
Vinyasa & Yin and teaching privately for
7 years incorporating aspects from all
these teachings, I officially gained my
200 hour Yoga Certification with
Sacred Paths Yoga in 2018. In this training,
I was able to gain a deeper knowledge of
earth medicine and the art of ceremony
which I have brought into my playful
teaching style, along with the traditional
yogic teachings that I have grown up with.

It is my belief that Yoga is for everyone
and that the teachings can be accessible
to everyone. I also believe that as a teacher
we are merely guides for the student to find
their own way to their inner teacher and
access the thread of divine consciousness
that connects us all. Through verbal cues
specific to the individual, I help people
to optimize the physical benefits of the
asana so we can more deeply connect
to the spiritual and emotional qualities
of the practice.

My hope is that my classes inspire confidence
so that my students feel uplifted with the
realization that everyone’s practice and
everyone’s body is different. In this way,
I encourage my students to tap into their
own intuition and knowledge to find the
practice that best serves them personally.

Moving away from teaching on a pedestal
& following the ‘one size fits all’ set of rigid
and restrictive rules, we have the space to
isten carefully to and trust the messages from
the body and the mind, helping to discover
our inner teacher and more importantly
discovering how to be the student of that
teacher. This can help us cultivate the tools
we need to break free from the practices
or habits that makes us feel unworthy and
disconnected, and help transform these
responses into ones of self-love, self-worth,
compassion and understanding.
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"